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Are you a parent dealing with high behaviour due to your child having a diagnosis of Autism, Aspergers, Social Anxiety Disorder, PDD-NOS, FASD, DS or a mental health diagnosis?

Does your child struggle in mainstream school and with peers in the community?

Have you had to make job changes in order to support your child?

Would you like help accessing funding, help with applications?

Would you like help in counselling to learn how to best support your child?

Is your family struggling ? relationships struggling?

We can offer the following supports.

  • Online counselling sessions to support relationships / siblings / you
  • Support in accessing funding for therapies, school option
  • Support in filling out applications for funding
  • Counselling for parents to learn how to best support your child/youth/adult with special needs
  • Courses online in sessions to learn how to manage behaviours while building trust

If you have a doctor diagnosed mental health issue you may be eligible for funding.

Please contact us at

Funding for Canadian residents only