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Denise Aarons

Master of Social Work, Certificate in Advanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy for complex disorders. Completed three courses towards the Solutions Focused Certificate. Completed courses in the fundamentals of couples counseling. Certificate in working with family and children

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Are you stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by your job, personal life? Are you eating or spending too much? Going through a divorce or relationship ending? Want some relief or solutions to these challenges? Then let's talk. My name is Denise Aarons and I am a provider of cognitive behavioral and solutions focused therapy. I approach therapy in a practical and pragmatic way with the aim being for us to consider and collaborate on some new alternatives to your situation and for you to try them out. Our sessions will focus on solutions to problems rather than lengthy analysis of them. I rely heavily on cognitive, dialectic and solutions focused approaches that emphasize change your thoughts, change your actions and you change your reality. All persons encounter difficulties and all possess the strengths and resources to eventually find solutions to their problems. Can you think of a morning when you were not anxious or depressed? Can you think of a time when you were not combative with your spouse? I will assist you to better understand and amplify these good times. I will assist you to envision "what might be" and develop "what will be." Areas of Expertise Include: Social and Stress related Anxiety Depression Self Esteem/Self Identity Binge and Emotional Eating

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